Timeline - Company History


Like many professionals who travel internationally, we felt the need of a solution to our increasingly challenging "Halal & Diverse" food finding quandary. The prevailing solutions were not to our satisfaction because the data was outdated, technology was primitive and diversity in the cuisines was missing. The available options were not trendy enough to cater to our taste.

Our Product

We analysed, researched, surveyed and concluded that this was not just our pain, and everyone in our position needed a cool and modern option to browse Halal food restaurants near them. We started on the road of putting together an awesome mobile app that would serve our purpose. Design and development of Android and iOS apps was started in parallel in late 2016. Android app was launched in May 2017 whereas the iOS app was launched in June 2017.

Where are we now

Haloodie is now actively engaged in improving the technology, the data and hence the overall experience of Haloodies in their pursuit of diverse halal food adventure.


The easiest way to find the best Halal food joints to visit all over the world.